Hi, I'm Matheus Guimarães

Founder/maker of Qrlinks and Resery.

Also currently working as a Software Engineer. Previously I worked as a Full Stack Developer, Machine Learning and Computer Vision researcher, Embedded Systems developer. I have more than three years of experience with Django, React, NodeJS, Vue, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, MongoDB and MySQL.

If you want to hire me as a full-time engineer or freelance contractor, please email me at matheusguimr[at]gmail.com or DM me at Twitter: @matheusguimr.

Projects and products


- Closed beta

Create appointments to your business with a link.


- Beta

Create a landing page and QR codes for your business social accounts.



SaaS application to monitor cameras and applications in servers, using RestAPI written in Python 3, services can be added to Watchcam monitor and log operations. [Not launched yet]

NoticiasUFC bot

- 125+ users subscribed

News channel of the Federal University of Ceará (UFC). The channel's news are collected from the page www.ufc.br/noticias and sent to this channel by a bot.

$10 dollar shirt


$10 dollar shirt is a website made as a joke about the complexity to create a website. I do not actually sell shirts.

Burger Builder


Build a burger in the browser! Website created using React and Redux. Final project in React - The Complete Guide course [Not hosted yet]



Explore, comment and create campgrounds photos. Final project in The Web Developer Bootcamp.

The Great RGB color game


Guess the right color just by looking at the RGB values.

The Bootstrap gallery


Instagram like gallery using Bootstrap

Museum of Candy


Museum of Candy fictional landing page

Work related projects

Solar Comparison


Website created to get leads from European users interested in buying solar panels.

Sr. Matuto

- 400 visits / month. Update: offline now

Website created to display the menu of Sr. Matuto restaurant in mobile devices. I made all process since buy the domain, develop the website to ship it.

Multi Biometric Platform and Intelligent Monitoring


Partnership between LAPISCO and Ceará state government to create a system called ‘Multi Biometric Platform and Intelligent Monitoring (from Portuguese: Plataforma Multi Biométrica e Monitoramento Inteligente)’. I was part of the Face Recognition team.

Vigilante Virtual Locktec


Partnership between LAPISCO and Ceará state government to create a system called ‘Vigilante Virtual Locktec. I was part of the Face Recognition team.

Most recent scientific publications

Most papers cover topics like Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Medical imaging segmentation